Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Hungry bees" - my third fondant cake (June 19 - 2011)

This cake was a lot of fun to make! I made it for my coworkers, for one of our small get-together parties.
The idea for this cake comes from a joke at work... One day, the boss, a nice man in his early 60s, announced that he's going to be a dad again (his wife is also in her early 60s)! Wait... WHAT??? With a serious face he continues the announcement: I'm going to be a new dad to approximately 10,000 babies, most of them will be girls... (Aha! That means he purchased a few more families of bees.) His wife continued his joke saying that they registered at Kroger (grocery store) for granulated sugar only... (so they can feed the "babies" until they'll find pollen in nature). The joke was so funny (you had to be there, I guess) that I used it as the theme for this cake.
First, I took some photos of a Kroger sugar bag and I cut out their logo from the bag.

 Then I made the bees with gum paste.

After I covered the cake with fondant I placed the bees on the "sugar bag" at random...
 All the labels were made with gum paste, the writing is royal icing.

 My boss was so delighted with the theme, he wanted a picture with the cake...
 The taste was awesome, vanilla and chocolate cake, vanilla and chocolate european style butter cream (using a boiled base for the cream), absolutely no shortening in the butter cream! - I hate that...


  1. This looks amazing Sanda!! Goood job

  2. Thanks Irma! The taste was good too...