Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Desk cake" for Dr. Vahid's birthday

Inspired by Giovanna's desk cake (you can see it here:, I decided to make something similar for my boss' birthday. All the decorations are fully edible being made with gum paste (except the glasses - made with thin white wire, painted with food coloring). The cake was covered with sugar paste.
Here are some close-ups of the decorations for the desk top, some of them were still drying:
The red coffee mug has "Bosnia" written on it because Dr. Vahid was born and raised there. The white coffee mug and the two red file folders (or books?) have written on them T.P.I. (Troy Polymers ,Inc.)  and U.R. (Una River)  - these are two companies founded by Dr. Vahid and his wife Dr. Aisa (they both have the Ph.D. in chemistry).

Thursday, late at night, the figurine was still very soft, I had to support it with my hand next to the cake,

I was afraid it will not be dry by Friday morning when I took the cake to work...
All the decorations for the desk have a meaning, I did not make them at random! Dr. Vahid loves coffee so I made three coffee mugs not just one... He collects teddy bears and keeps one of them (nicknamed "grumpy grandpa") in his office, and I remembered that... A couple of months ago Dr. Vahid said he doesn't need a birthday cake, a car would suffice - so I made a tiny car for him... I hope he did not mean a real car!! ha ha ha

By Friday morning the gum paste figurine was not fully dry but was able to stand by itself next to the cake.
Dr. Vahid is the one seated next to the table, smiling large...

The decorations not being glued to the cake allowed for them to be arranged any way we wanted, we kept playing with them...

 My boss was so happy, he liked the cake so much that he decided to keep all the decorations in his office, they will be displayed on a dummy cake. See? They are all saved on the paper plate in the background...
The taste was not bad either, I made a blueberry cream filling.


  1. Arata super bine si delicios desigur.Te pup!

  2. DiaMar - iti multumesc draga mea. Sa stii ca a fost gustos desi poza cu sectiunea arata cam ciudat, culorile (aluatul si crema) nu-s cele adevarate... Aparatul meu foto este unul de duzina, dar cu toate astea nu-l stiu folosi asa cum ar trebui.

  3. Bine te-am gasit!Ai un blog dragut si lucruri interesante de invatat asa ca o sa te mai vizitez:)

  4. Bine ai venit Teo draga! Multumesc pentru comentariu, esti foarte amabila. Blogul l-am deschis cam de-o saptamana, mai am multe de facut la el (sa pun si un buton pentru traducere in limba romana)... Desi nu voi posta deseori (nu fac torturi pentru bani, ci doar pentru rude si prieteni, colegi de munca), te rog sa ma vizitezi cand doresti, eu te astept cu drag!

  5. Am descoperit blogul tau la Maya,am intrat si mi-a placut foarte mult ce am gasit,de aceea te-am si trecut in blogroll.Deci felicitari pentru torturile facute si mult succes in continuare!!!!
    Pupici si o seara placuta!!!

  6. Multumesc Petronela pentru felicitari, pentru urari si pentru ca m-ai trecut in blogroll, esti o draguta! Te pup si eu.

  7. Multumesc Giovanna - pentru aprecieri si pentru inspiratie. Spor la treaba draga mea!

  8. Ce tort minunat! cata rabdare ai sa faci toate detaliile. Iti asmir mult talentul.
    Mai astept ceva postari :) sa vedem ce minunatii ai mai facut. Te pup

  9. Timea draga, slava Domnului ca rabdare am (cand e vorba de modelat). Am facut doua torturi pentru weekend-ul ce a trecut, le voi posta intr-una din zilele urmatoare... Vreau sa fac si eu cat de curand reteta ta cu varza "a la tata", prea mi-a ramas gandul la ea! Te pup si eu furnicutzo.