Sunday, October 2, 2011

Batman theme cake for Serif (July 21 - 2011) - my fourth fondant cake

Serif is my colleague, my right hand at work, stands 6'5" tall and he is crazy about Batman, that's why the cake I made for his birthday had to be a Batman theme cake.
I did not model the Batman figurine because I remembered the hideous babies I made for Anita's baby shower cake (my first fondant cake), did not want to make a "disabled" Batman, so I decided to play it safe and I purchased the figurine and the batmobile (both are made of plastic) from a cake supply store.

I was very proud of the idea I had: to  make the lights on the  Gotham city's buildings spell out the message "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERIF!!" This idea would have been executed much better though using small yellow and black squares of gum paste glued to the buildings, instead of only yellow cut-out letters that were fragmented, to better portray the lit windows. Oh well, maybe next time...

 Serif was very happy with his cake.
 I did not help him at all to cut the cake, I'm so mean... ha ha ha ha

 We all ate only the top tier of the cake.
 The bottom tier looked good by itself especially after the plastic figurines were put on top of it, so Serif had his cake and ate it too!! ha ha ha ha


  1. Sanda I loved my Cake! Your skills are amazing you continue to "Wow!" me every time you come up with a new creation not just cake's but all of your other yummy foods!

  2. Thanks homie! Cya soon at work!

  3. Holy Moly Sanda! I saw the pic that Irma sent me today that cake is Amazing! you are a pro!

  4. Thanks Serif, come back tonight or tomorrow night - I'll post the cake you're talking about (the one I made for Dr. Vahid's birthday) and you'll see more photos. I was happy that everybody at work understood the meaning for each decoration, and Dr. Vahid wants to keep all the decorations in his office (displayed on top of a dummy cake, of course) - he did not allow anyone to touch/eat them!!