Friday, September 30, 2011

The beginnings... (Oct. 01 - 2010)

One year ago I made my first attempt to make flowers using chocolate paste. I had no experience, no training, no tools, but I thought to give it a try... What's the worst thing that can happen? Should the flowers turn out "wilted", I can melt the chocolate paste and use it inside a cake, so... no loss, no harm done!
To my surprise, the flowers turned out great. Well..., maybe not great but definitely good looking enough to give me the courage to try more things!
These are the first roses I made using chocolate paste:
The tablespoon was used as a size reference.
The leaves are real, not made with chocolate paste.
A couple of days later I put them on a cake covered with whipped cream. Too bad I did not take any pictures before transporting the cake to my brother! By the time I got there, the whipped cream was sliding off the cake... It was tasty though.

First post

Opened my first blog... Finally! Lately, all my friends were pushing me to show off my cakes and desserts. I was a little scared to do so, afraid people will laugh at me and my attempts to decorate cakes. My fears diminished a great deal when Giovanna, after seeing a few of my creations, offered me valuable advice and kind words of encouragement. I discovered her blog less than a week ago and what I saw there left me speechless! See for yourself  what she can do:      
Staying up two nights in a row to study her blog made me realize how little I know, how much more I have to learn and practise, practise, practise...
Thank you Giovanna!